Do I have to give you another lesson on techical trading ?   On ANS 9 days ago there was a bearish Engulfing followed by a bear trap signified by falling volume on the rise with smaller candles.  Below in the indicators ROC 23  Plus Volume ROC 23 in the same pane.  You will see V/ROC was pulling price to the downside while it was still trying to rise. Could not help but retract.  I have been expecting a pull back hopefully to $3.50.    PEG ratio for ANS has the stock priced at $7.42   

  If you run the Error chanell  on the WEF chart you'll see it has pulled back from  rounded tops preceding a new high since last July and has had a steady rise in the chanell from .84 cents to a high of $1.47.     This pull back is just offering another entry point to those who stand on Copper Fox corner uttering  " Whas Hapinin "