Ocean, every single one of the "bash points" have been refuted here time after time....you are tiresome.

nothing you post makes any sense any more....read the BFS for crips sake.

Ernesto andTeck could have walked a loooooong time ago. They haven't and they won't. 

Your MM bosses can't control the outcome of this one, were never allowed to participate in the financings, will have zero influence on the buy out valuation and they are piszed. 

We get that. Too bad, too sad.....so long.

Mine beneath a mine ocean......mine beneath a mine....great grades at depth, open at depth and direction, Tahltan's nation support, no fish, synergistic within the Golden Triangle development, secured first three position on the NTL, secured port to china, BFS says build a mine, high value targets identified all around Schaft Creek..

go and eat the rest of your stale valentines chocolates or bake some muffins.....