"I have not read the FS summary but those in the know at Ag have pointed out that the latest MIRA results are missing from the FS."

The MIRA 'data" (i.e., fancy maps etc.) may be missing but the results have been incorporated to the BFS, to think otherwise is a bit foolish. Elmer stated a number of time at the various conferences that he sees no reason to publish all the MIRA stuff since most investors will not be able to get much out of it anyway so it is not worth the $$ to put it out. (this is my interpretation based on questions I asked). It is really funny that everyone had a chance to ask HARD questions (like where is MIRA or why is MIRA not out) at the December conference call, but nobody did.

"Some at Ag said it could be a district as opposed to a mine and that is a whole different animal in terms of price ."

Based on all the data accumulated thus far by CUU Elmer believes (very strongly - made public statements on it at various conferences) that the area is a district not just a mine. He is not alone in his view, since Lawrence Roulston also thinks he is right. I have talked to folks from the adjacent properties surrounding SC and they all are on the same page.

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