I have not read the FS summary but those in the know at Ag have pointed out that the latest MIRA results are missing from the FS. A poster on Ag who has experience in the mining indusrty has pointed out that there are geologiocal indications that SC may be a much richer deposit than previously believed and could hold a lot more gold than indicated by the drilling results. He speculates that ES advised Teck of the findings but they dismissed them and so ES sent back his drilling team to get the results to put them into the FS. Teck balked at the thought of someone else finding out and driving up the pp so conceded the possibility of a much richer claim and ES pulled the drills. Some at Ag said it could be a district as opposed to a mine and that is a whole different animal in terms of price . A lot more gold gets the attention of some big players and a jv seems inevitable. Given so much is riding on hard results I think  no deal gets done until more drills are put into play and the true value is proven to potential JV partners. CUU only gets bought out sooner rather than later if Teck ponies up at least $7-$8 a share and then does their own drilling to demonstrate the true value and brings on a partner for at least the same pp and gets half or more for free. JMO.