The tenure purchases at SC smell like a request from Teck to get the land for "infrastructure" purposes. I'm not certain the additional tenures are some kind of vital piece of the mining pie. The Arizona purchases are an indication that CUU will move on from SC, probasbly sooner rather than later. The pr company for CUU advised a poster on AG that the company is in a "quiet period". Management has been awarded over 500,000 options at .94. All the foregoing screams a sale of SC. Price is still very much up in the air. Maybe the news conference by Teck at 11 will give us some indication of their budget for acquiaitions this year i.e. a pp for SC. Even better would be a suggestion that they are considering a jv with another company as that would suggest the pp for SC is morer than they want to pay  but worth it if the capex is split. JMO