Also waiting to be developed is the Schaft Creek copper-molybdenum-gold deposit in northern B.C.,....

The richness of Schaft Creek’s copper grade is “pretty dramatic,” Dr. Keevil Jr. says. 
In other words, Teck knows what we have at Schaft Creek because they drilled there themselves, optioned it to CUU to explore further, drill and prove up while producing a PEA, a RE and a BFS to produce a tight, mineable package for Teck to take over and become the producer for decades to come.
Wake up to the reality, non-believers, Teck will back in / buy out SC....because it was pre-ordained.
The only reason CUU went and explored and developed the data package to support a mine at SC is because Teck asked them to do so. CUU was asked to do the heavy lifting and leg work to get this package ready.
And now CUU has delivered just exactly what Teck asked them of them, and management and shareholders are about to receive payment for services rendered and the documented mineable assets they have confirmed.