Wife was impatiently waiting to go out for dinner.  So first read was just a quick glance.  Now that I have done a re-read,  I do not have quite the same outlook.  

  Agreed political climate in BC will definatley be a factor considered.   There has been no indication of change in the polls which strongly indicate, the Liberals are on there way out.    I would be very surprised if the North Okanagan returned their incumbent liberal member regardless.   He does not want to be tied up by protestors and long term envriomental studies, or government red tape like the tar sands and pipelines are. 

" Lindsay said. "I'm just going to say that one more time, given that we have an election coming up: we need a stable, competitive investment climate in order to commit the major investments needed to move our projects forward."       "We need to remind people that mining is essential to our modern world, because every single thing in life comes from one of two sources, and if you can't grow it you have to mine it."    Public perception is increasingly important,

 Made mention of Columbia  and Chile as good places.   I got the impression coking coal might be a better choice to put their money. 

 I think the biggest positive I found is that BC would be preferable tp Mongolia.   BC would be acceptable It's citizens would have to be on side and the project would have to be at the right price.  

 Talking to anyone who is not connected to the mining sector or is not an investor in it. They could care less whether mines are built.  Most don't want them they think they look ugly and disfigure the landscape.   Bring it up in conversations without expressing your view point.  Just ask what they think and let them un-interuptedly speak their minds.   

    That speech is pretty point blank.        I'm back to being quite uncertain .