posted on Jan 29, 13 10:36PM

IMO: I've been involved in many startups in the past 25 years. I'm amazed at the salaries management at CUU are making. Usually management works for a fair salary plus a good chunk of shares. At CUU they get super salaries and options/shares? Salaries alone for 5 executives total $1,960,575 per fiscal year.
I can see these kind of salaries in major corporations that are generating big revenues but for a small exploration company that's substantial. CUU has been around since May 2005, how many millions have we spent on salaries? Did we need 3 VPs? For example, VP of Operations... what is that job description? All work CUU did, whether, drilling, assays, infrareds, feasibility studies, BFS, etc. are all services that were contracted out to consulting firms.
Sorry if this offends anyone but I need to express my frustration, but If I was making this kind of money, I would have no reason to rush to the finish line either.
The sad reality is, over the years, just in salaries alone, how many PPs did it take to make up for salaries and how much did it cost us retail investors in dilution? Startups are suppose to be risky business and salaries not too great but the big payout is in shares received, that's what it is all about. It seems to me the retail investors, EE and DM are taking all the risks, but not anyone of CUU's management team.
At the salaries management is making, and the cost of their option share price, there is no reason these options should be extended when expired. They should be able to afford to buy them out when due. IMO
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