Here is Vette admission that his pumper organisation and about 100K can make you buy in a run...

PS: Market makers do not take position in stocks 

Vettes admission :


So some people sold shares to CUU insiders today, isn't it ironic.

The pattern is simple. Big 80-100k asks are put up 5 to 10 cents above share price, giving the impression that big positions want out. (so why are they still there, you don't show your position when you want out).

This creates doubt and fear into retail.

Anon then dumps 50-60k and starts the ball. Weak hands follow and fuel the sell off. Anon buys them back 6 cents cheaper. (accumulation. Note: someone is buying those shares that are being sold, a buyer for every seller)

When the mm's are done or when news comes and it's coming, you'll see the asks removed and everything will look very very thin to the upside.

Big bids will be put up. People will run after the shares thinking nothing is available. The gap up will be triggered by the MM's and fuelled by the same weak hands that sold.

The rule isn't buy high sell low.