Seriously speaking  Ernesto imho is not going to belly up to the table and take just anything and that means a paltry 3 dollars ...yikes insult at best...Teck may be nervous ..they never did see him coming with that kind of financial muscle ..and truth be told i think Teck ,if they want the whole show from cuu ,better come to the table with an offer that seals it good and tight ..Elmer and Ernestos advisors know the true value going forward ..

were talking a mining district here with a possible life of 50 years or so going forward..At this point Teck can back in 75 % ..but that makes it messy ..they will probably clear the deck  and and take it all...question is.... its all up to Ernesto   what will he consider as a fair value offer if it happens that way ....imho Teck may be worried at how to make this guy go away ..its simple pay him to ..and truth be told 3.50 or so is ridiculous indeed ..Its funny... its the devil in the details ..and Imho teck is cornered to make a choice win  lose for them or win win for cuu ..they.. Teck...are probably shaking there heads at what Elmer has been able to do thus far and Ernesto can keep this boat afloat for a very long time.. hes not letting go until it suits his bottom line.He did not become a Billionaire by accident ..the man knows value.. now..(in his investment mantra) and its value for the future ...Ha Teck ..this is not a child you can toss a little candy to ..this is a serious heavy weight investor