Caught up on evening drama. 


Buying FAU at .09 isn't the end of the world.  Should the new managment get things straightened around Fire river should trade at multiples of that.  Add in some market hunger for new gold producers I would expect it could be a 5 bagger.


I don't think Galore Creek has anything to do with the Schaft Creek plan right now so far as Teck is concerned.  Schaft Creek is ahead of Galore Creek in the planning stage at this point (wierd as that sounds but I don't believe GCMC has a mine plan).  Once Teck decides on Schaft I would expect they will make an optimization plan between Galore and Schaft and should the numbers work out they will take action accordingly. 

Once again CUU close above $1.00 so support is holding the chicken littles hear can keep spouting off with their heads up their anuses.