Now that we know you'll call CUU office on Monday (yeah, right) how about giving us a deadline for answering the question below?

Speckie @ 11:42AM Nov. 30: I own more than you and will prove it one day.Look for offer of 577k today

Speckie @ 11:14AM today: CUU might as well wait until 2013 now. I am resigned to hold until then to sell my large holdings.
Speckie @ 6:24PM today: Like vette I am completely out of CUU

The question everyone wants an answer to is: How did you get out of your "large holdings", with only about 100K traded after 11:14AM today? Feel free to pick any of the following options: Magic? Geenie in a bottle? The golden fish granted you three wishes? Pixie dust? Travelled back in time and erased your purchases? Or just added one more big, fat lie to your ever expanding list? Which one is it? Nothing like being caught in your own web of lies, eh Speckie?