So according to a vette call CUU has released two NR today both wrong...Somebody either needs to get back in blackout(vette) or CUU news release writers need to get a bit sharper..The fact these NR are awaiting TSX approval in my mind does not show oversight.They want the January warrants included.Vette your a flat out liar  Elmer is no dummy.he reads the news befoire he signs it and puts it out.....

Re: Warrants

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posted on Dec 07, 12 09:56PM

What is the point in extending the January 30 warrants if they know the price will be above $1.25?

I called that was a mistake should have been Dec only (not that it makes a difference since warrants can be exercised at any time).

But like I jus said many things coming after Feasibility and Jan is just 1 month away..