Hey 20$fox (Vette)  I have to make this quick as I have about 3 people waiting in line to use the complementary PC they have here in the hotel conference room, so don't expect me to stick around to read your reply, as I have better things to do.  Just for kicks and giggles I decided to look at a random sample of posts regarding some other stocks you bought in 2011.  And all of them are epic disasters!  You bought Sino Forrest?!?!!?  Buahahahaha.   Anyway, have a look at the stock picking talent of 20$fox (Vette) folks:  


20$fox says TRE "Biggest shareholders not selling, why would you"  Stock then collapses as massive fraud causes stock to be delisted



20$fox buys BXX @ .225.  Now @ .06.  Nothing like buying at the high!



20$fox buys SGG at high,  Now @ .15Yet another epic flop bouht at the high!



20$fox says TLM "cant see us going down much more"  Stock collapses several more dollars.