Greetings from Maui.   Arrived yesterday evening and the Wife and I woke up and hit the beach today.  Currently raining lightly, so we figured it was time to head back to the hotel and get changed and find somewhere for lunch. Using the Internet in the hotel conference room.

I see Bendoverbasher (Foxy's other alias) is spreading lies and misinformation by quoting a post from Jay claiming that the BFS is complete.  Pure and utter rubbish!  If the much anticipated BFS was complete, you can bet Management at Copper Fox would be scrambling to get the news out as quickly as possible.  Ignore Foxy, Ignore Jay.  What they are doing is speculating.  The BFS is not done yet.  You can all go about your normal day, and I will go have  wonderful lunch now.     Folks, just put Bendoverbasher and his Foxyroller alias on ignore, along with all the other paid pumpers that are on her spreading lies and misinformation in hopes that the share price will get a lift so they can break even and sell.