The CUU board at Agoracom is chalk full of weak-minded impressional people.  Vette's sole purpose of starting up a discussion group at Agoracom was so he could harness all the weak-minded followers in a single place. People like Foxyroller, Orificeface, etc.  The same people to this day likely believe in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus. Vette focuses on the weak minded at Agoracom the same way a Lion focuses on the weakest Antelope in the herd.  It's no different.  He's a snake charmer of sorts.  His music is his repetitive posts which the weak-minded refer to as due-dilligence.  It's his repetitive posts about his recent alleged conversations with Elmer.  Keeps piping more music... the weak-minded snakes remaind stunned and obedient as ever.