"Your infatuation with other posters is disturbing to say the least bulkbeef. It appears that both vette and Foxyroller are true investors in CF and both have been here for a long, long time. Their credibility is solid."

Buahahahhaa!  Vette and Foxy credibile????   Yeah, Vette is credible.  He's only made about a hundred predictions over the past 3 years regarding the timing of important CUU news events, none of which ever came true.  Not to mention his getting busted at AG for rating posts under another alias. And of course, there's his infamous posts under his G.GECKO alieas.  Credible?? Buhahaha.   And Foxyroller?  A man who has to create a a false profile that implies she is a woman (sexy avatar, and username) solely for the purpose of getting perfect strangers on the messageboards to be her "Friend".  A person that has posted under dozens of aliases, and has been handed more Stockhouse vacations than any other poster here.  A person who repeatedly told everyone over the past 2 years to "load up" on CUU shares because the "Train is leaving the station".  The person who was also kicked off Agoracom before begging admins to let him join again.  Also, the least respected poster on Agoracom.  A paid pumper that spits out lies on a daily basis.  Credible???  Buahahahhahaha.   Thanks for the  laugh.  My ribs are aching now.