Yoyo webs now holdings, news next week.  Buy, sell, buy, sell.  Anyone else at AG know a bi-polar person in real life. Sheesh, dangerous, yet his puppet that sold all his shares isn't posting on his blog or the AG site anymore has totally vanished. Where'd he go...   Only on the yoyo web ',,,,,,,,,  webs last post he owned 30000 shares, but his " four friends" are buying a million.  Can't name them, but they are, lol. Too much,  Specboy, web/yoyogogs, seeking attention on Internet boards is really low life, I think you bros can do better, give it a tr.  great weekend aall tow spec , that's better , only 15 posts today, all about nothing again,, but your up to 218 here on this board alone this week, sheesh, get a life, wife, something.