Fair enough.  I am less convinced about the insider buying higher being the best indicator.  MacDonald accumulated most of his shares under a dollar.  One of the notable attractions in 2010 was his steady, heavy buying.  On the rise to April 2011, the buying at high prices might have made sense to him as he expected it to sell higher (we all did), but I don't think one person buying at that level is conclusive.  Stifel probably made their money back shorting it.  None of the insiders (except the departed CFO) sold, but their averages are lower.  There are options at much higher levels, but they were given when sp was in that range.   Correction, MacDonald sold some, but we have been "told" it was his wife.  He did not always re-buy, although sometimes he did.

A $4 buyout would value CUU at $1.5B, SC at $6B.  That would be headline news