Don't kid yourself, vette lost a lot of money as he was invested in several stocks that rose high and crashed bigtime.  He used to keep a stockhouse portfolio with about a half dozen stocks he was invested in and was tracking.  Stocks like CAN.  Vette rode these stocks up to their highs, but never sold them, he hung on as they crashed down to pennies.  CAN being one example.  Crashed from a high of over $6 a share to about .27 cents!  Vette took a huge loss on that.  There were several other stocks that he didn't get out of and took massive losses as well.    And Vette is not "right about CUU from 14 cents to $2.74"  because he would only be "right" if he sold at or near that high of $2.74.  He didn't.  In the investment world, it's not the price you buy at that earns you the bragging rights, it's the price that you sell at.  You don't earn bragging rights for holding as a stock hits $2.74 then come crashing down sub $1, as CUU has done.