Exactly.  No CEO in history would talk on the phone to a casual investor as much as Vette alleges he talks with Elmer.  It simply doesn't happen.  It's typical Vette smoke and mirrors. Like I mentioned previously, Vette was busted a few times this past summer claiming he just got off the phone with Elmer when it was proven by other posters on AG that it couldn't possibly be true, as Elmer was not available at the time to have an alleged conversation with Vette as Vette claims.  G.GECKO aliases spamming ridiculous $20 valuations.  Aliases created on AG to maniupulate ratings....  Lie after lie.  Literally dozens of "BFS is on time" posts over the past 3 years and not one came true.  Vette is just a koolaid pouring parrot repeating the same words over and over, week after week, month after month, year after year.