Vette was caught several times lying about alleged conversations he claimed to have with Elmer.  Although Vette may of bought shares at 14 cents, there is zero proof he bought in "big".  Of course, after the fact when the share price rises above a dollar, Vette will claim he bought in big.  Had BRU been a hit you would no doubt hear Vette claiming he bought in big in BRU as well.  But the stock was a flop, so of course you don't here him mentioning buying in big on that.  Same with CAN.  That stock ran up bigtime and then crashed to pennies.  Do you hear Vette talk about buying big into that one?  Or course not.  Vette only claims he owns millions of shares if the stock has increased significantly in value.  After the fact.  You do realize that Vette was posting here for the longest time under the G.GECKO alias don't you?  Go read those posts and have yourself a laugh, and then come back and tell me with a straight face Vette is not a liar.  If you don't want to look at that example, go back on AG and see where Vette was busted by AG staff for using aliases to rate his own posts and lower the ratings of other peoples posts to whom he disagreed with.  Sound like something a person with integrity would do?  Vette leaves the board and says he is done posting at Agoracom, but returns after less than a week away. Again, does that sound like something somebody with integrity would do?