Vette has an absolute horrendous track record when it comes to saying something and actually having it come to fruition.  I have yet to find a single prediction from Vette pertaining to the BFS release where the prediction actually came true.  Every single time he's said "I just got off the phone with Elmer bla bla"  or "I have an ear to ear grin on my face from my recent conversation with Elmer bla bla bla" or anything else he says, especially if he claims he's had conversations with Elmer.  It's all BS.  All hype.  Nothing ever materializes out of it.  Vette is a proven liar.  A pumper, and a dishonest one.  He got busted several times over the past year claiming he just got off the phone talking to Elmer, when it was later determined Elmer was in an important meeting or out of the Province.   Vette will lie as much as possible to get people to bump up the share price.  Don't even get me started about his G.GECKO alias and how much he lied and spammed the boards under that alias.  And getting busted by Agoracom staff for rating his own posts?  Priceless!  And we can't forget his infamous "Big buyers are waiting to load up on CUU as soon as the RE is announced"  posts.  RE came out and the stock tanked. LOL.  Like you say, it's funny how unequivocally, demonstrably wrong Vette is, each and every time without fail.  Trading volume has never been the same since he created his blog and he and his cronies spammed Stockhouse with links to his blog.  All it did was cause potential investors to flee as it looked like a clear case of pump & pump tactics.  The spamming on Stockhouse was one of the worst things to happen for the true longs.  It backfired horribly.