As I've proven countless times before, Vette has made numerous claims about CUU over the past 3 years.  Countless times he's told people that the BFS will be released within a certain timeframe, and each and every time he's wrong.   A week ago Vette on AG said the BFS will be released this week or next week.  As always, based on Vette's track record of always being wrong, I will go on the record to say that if the BFS is released in this week or next week as Vette clalims, I will leave Stockhouse forever!   Bookmark this post, because I will stick to my word.  I am 100% confident that Vette will be dead wrong, like he has been in the dozens of his other past predictions that blewup in his face and did not come true.   This will be yet another Vette flop of a prediction.  You will see..  6 more trading days left to show you Vette still has zero credibility.