BFS delayed,  Another property aquisition, More drilling.  To me it looks like there is an attempt to make the aquisition by someone more palitable.  At present I don't see C/F being any more desireable than Galore Creek and Teck walked away from it. Nova Gold wishes to sell it.   The development costs are huge.  With Canada's high wage, transportation and Seaport costs it is detremental to the bottom line or net back if put into production.  Teck is investing as of late in South America where costs are lower.

 When even a huge resource is covered with overburden a half a kilometer deep (3 to 7 hundred meters )  the expense of accessing it may be to high.  I suggest if it was such a sure thing as some suspect the BFS would have been Slam Dunk not examined and re-visited with continous delays.