yea  you right ryanprom    this is  going to be  the best  and most efective  time  for  averaging  down...ive already got a good  sp     much lower than 10 pre split   and  now  with all that empty space  from 8c to 1c    and  with gold  slipping  ( perfect  timing )   well  im just optomistic  i will  do  real good  in the next  two or three months ......  fine  either   way     and i actualy hope  i dont get thoughs  cheep shares and the sp goes  the other  way --------------   how much money  does a person need  anyway...   and im sure theres lots of retail   that  are  realy   not  happy  and  cant  absorbe  there losses  to easaly...---------------     no  i wount be silent         how  can i go to church  next sunday  if i    was  selfish ....and knowingly puposly withheld  my opinions   and   i know  they could help      even if i am  dilutionary or not  lolo        anyway if pointed a few thing out  already.....    realy as usual  dont sell unless  you have too.......   and   always remeber  my  posts on manipulation. and traders  etc....      THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY POSITIVES   ,,  OUR PLAN IS  SOLID AND WE ARE POISED  NOW  TO COMPLETE  OR FINISH   THE  FIRST MAIN BODY OF WORK AND  SUCSESSFULLY       so  that means  sometime this year  we  will  have  completed  enough  for  any large  mining company to  want to oun ct ....    and  our infrastructure  will make us high on all their lists... like i say we dont just have gold   we have  easy gold  and  ceo keeps his job gold   with a bonus    gold .......    nightmere free gold     120 over 80  gold  .......  hair  stays in your head  gold...    no ned for valium  etc  gold ...   less likly to hit the bottle gold ...    no  bugs bunny  boiled in a pot in afrrica    gold  ......native blockade free gold              but i am busy  and  i know  its best to just let  managment  go  and forget about it  for now     so i may not post  to much  now   as i know i   dont have to  watch it  now..  i just  have a warm  and content   happyness  about it  and  i know  i dont realy have to make  many posts now..  as  the stock will take care of itself. totaly now   dosent mater  what anybody says  true or not  ...  i dont think ill even  bother  correcting  bashers  ...  do your worst ...    wount  make  any diference