i think the best thing for ct to do is mothball everything. put everything on ice until the market turns.  everything ct does now will be a waste of time because the overall commodities market is awful.  unfortunately, even when we do nothing, our burn rate is very high.  i have some companies that when they are inactive, there expenses are like $15,000 per quarter. ct can never do that because bharti and forbes and manhattan extract big money from all its companies.  ct burn rate is WAY to high.  ct doesnt need forbes, but it is stuck paying forbes for next to nothing in return.  bill pearson is an excellent manager, but forbes is sucking the life out of ct.  the burn rate should be WAY less , especially since nothing is happening with the company right now.  best to NOT raise money and drill. What for? MOTHBALL it all until the market comes back. will never happen thought!