As I posted last year, anyone "hoping" to make money on a reverse split had better have more than one rabbit's foot in their pocket!  This reverse split to increase the $ value of the individual shares did not improve our postion whatsoever or even get us on another stock exchange.......all it did was improve our micro status to a mini status! Shame on all those shareholders who voted to do so. At least when it got down to a 2 cent level (pre stock split), reality set in and a bottom was at 10 cents (post stock split), it doesn't seem so bad dropping a penny or two, right?..........wrong...........check out todays trading and what's left in your portfolio!

I hope Bill and his cronies have something up their sleeve on this one as the economics really don't match the gold deposit at Hope Brook. Maybe a "company" split would have been better thinking allowing the investors to choose their poison, er, I mean project..........Hope Brook, Canadian Creek or the other South American ventures.

Unfortunately, some of us little guys are not going to see the light at the end of the tunnel and recoup our initial investment................someone please prove me wrong, otherwise..... RIP.......CT