believe me bill didnt want to cosolidat at all....  as its all relative ......  but   he dosent know everthing     thankfully for us  he knows     his job beter than most   ---------        thats the sighn of  a giis ceo too and geolagist...    he  has no time for the finer or absatract  parts of  the markets....         you got to give him crdit  for holding out this long a lot of companys would have done it right away ......          thats one of his top qualitys ........             what could have been  a little hard to see is     how much   it realy puts the sp down  when you anounce a split ,,, just does it automatic  because  everyone  is used to an average stock   being  pumeled down   after it      and there are  to many reason  for that   look it up   lolol                  if the stock isnt as good as ct  its easy for traders to play around with it for  months..   that one thing.....       they had  other choices but htis was the best  it was wwhat i wanted now    too....   i could see it   perfect timing      if we did it before the last drill program   it would be easy er to run it down after the split  and  bill has been all to awear of that  fo a long time......  one time  he  said to me  in frustreation      the main thing  to avoide  is doing it   whaen the market will liky beable to put it right back ro 5 c   thats where it was then.......      so     feel free to e mail managment  and bill and   let him know   how  luck you are to have him and  the reat of the team   running this show............ ive seen alot of compnays  operste   and ive never see  on operste  and in divesity  so so well..     ite all to easy  to throw in the towel  and   sell half you company    or   consolidate  to soon     etc          bill scewzze out  the last drop.     congrats bill and team                    you know  how  much i like ct   .....lololol   no kidding lolol   welll i garantee yous  your going to find out   but sept  or so   why ive been such a cheer leader lolol   and im sure   many know it as well...  you could oun a beter stock  aspecialy now     you watch   we are being picked up by columists   why spent money on advertizing    this not going to stop   and   sometimes  the columists  shy away a bit if you do run a comercal..........   they dont  want to be seen as jumping on the band wagon  and  they do look for overlooked astocks  as they are more of a REAL NEWS STORY   SO I BET BILL DOES NO ADDS    AND WE GET IN A COULUM ONCE A WEEK FROM HERE ON IN,,, EVEN THE DOUBTING   DANNY DEAD LOCK   WILL HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO PUT US ON  THE TOP AD SOMETIME  IN THE NEXT 6 MONTHS..  AMY BODY WANT TO WAGER     ops  sorry for the caps            im so happy           ive got  enough shares  that it dosent mater if  they try to put the sp down monday        il will benifit  as much either way     if it goes down  to 10c  ill buy anothere 200000  shares    if up  i wount  need them in the long run   but  its beter  they go down  but i dont care i have so much stock   ill be fine  no mater...        i  can say now  that it  is  without any doubt in the world     and its impossible   not to get to 1.7million  this year or early spring  indicated  and   i.4 infered...   why more indicated.. as they did  hit the right spots  last  year     and  he sounds like  et should be easy to tryangulate   etc      lots of it....       that  how you get indicated  infered is  just holes  showing a continuus  mineralisation   whin an akseptibal  spread   ( not too fare)     and   i bet its another bought deal fron stan and the royal again           and of coase  as all bought deal are  fair amout hier than currant sp.....                  banksw are always buying and selling shares  so  if they just   bough them on the market  they know  they would put the sp up    that much or more...  not  sure egsactly how that works  but  somthing like that ...                   i was  nervous  that  might  have jved with ryan  first        that was a bad move  but  it didnt happen... and  i dont weant ct to jv witrh them unless they got to pay  heavy as we a re goint to be comercial soon  and  with the best ibfrastucture ....   we will be blue chip  too....      you realy should   se a doctor if you cant see  where were going  now....    i might even cut back on the booooozzzzee...........       im high   on ct      i feel i can start to plan a bit   about  what ill do with all the lot..    and  i never do that   unless  its in my hand or about to be