also  if get to smart   it might not be good   as i could  say the company should do something  or they should take this aproch   and  sometimes  there a good chance they are going to do that (  and in my opinion   they read  stockhouse   dot worry about that  !! )    they may hesitae a little      im not diluded   its just common sence    --- in this busness its not only imparative  that  companys dont leak and abide buy the ruels   they dont even want to be remotly seen in that way   and you cant blame them ...........    so  ill say now   there will be times  at my discretion  i wount say all i think  if i feel what ive just said  could happen ..... its not worth it          ...................... hm  that way i can say i knew that would happen    ilololololololololololol             and i have tought of a few   things like that now on ct           dont worry its all good..  of coarse its jade lololol  cant be bad   lololol  theres more than enough news and fudametals out there    that most should be able to figure a lot out  without me  blabbng all the time      ill say one thing  i stronly think managment  is purposly  going slow now as its there  best tool to raise the sp........        500gs is plenty     to tread water for quite a while ...  and they   people to come to them   not the other way around  and they can and should as we realy have proven a lot   and any fool in this busness can se it pritty clear  we   are    getting close to having our market cap reassed  a lot higher   and close to our next  resorse estimate    and  with our recent  results    any geoligist   can see   were getting close     and its more and more out of the question of hope brook wount be a operating mine again -----      and  were not alone lots of other companys  have been geting the same .. treatment buy the market --- great results and the price goes down.....   at least  we know w hy     --- the banks  and  other such    that control  most or the money    made no secret  that they directed there investment people to sell out of  our sector  now........ and thats because  people re still smarting from the big colaps a few years ago ...        and  arnt  sike enough of losing money on tresurys  yet or dont know they are .... and  thats here for a while yet  fortunetly        lots of countries  in the emergin markets   dont trust there curranys  much at all.       we can blindly ignore that ours    have been for a\ long time  and continue and have to continue  fiating   endlessly       but say indo china  africa   etc    south america   etc     i they dont have our stability  and  are smart to turn away from there currancy   to the only other thing   that is like money   --gold     or coarse.... and  they are becoming vey weathy and have lots of currany they want to buy gold with        and  they want it  period... so sleep at night .....   and  these people  in these cultures  arnt procrastinators when the writing on the wall......       so  i think they will be the biggesty drivers of gold           as   i  think were comfotable  just keeping our heads in the sand   now   and just ignore the printing of  another trillion....        and that the dilution   so far  cant go away with any majic wand know to mankind   ....either way we will have to deal with it ...      the way we are going about it  will let other countrys  decide when we lift our heads out of the sand    and i just think  that put us at a disadvantage  ........     or maybee not  as  there is no escape from it      -- this  stregthening  dollar efect on gold is very temperal  and      dangerous   very dangerous    it only compresses that spring more.......   no reason  gold should be efected  but  a stronger dollar       no reason at all.  because the dollar is in la la land   or  rather the people who have it in there pockets  mosty are...     the power of the dollar is more    like   having faith        and les based on hard fact ..........  and  maybee that the best way for now...        it would be to much  to worry about  whats happening to  our money  right now     we got enough to think about   and fix  etc......          im not saying a masive devaluation    just  less ties to the price of gold   the dollar  has no busness   and  shouldnt  act like something its not..    the quiker you smell the coffee the the long run...    productivity can only do so much in deciding the value of a currancy....    and  i havent herd any colomists talk about that .. i might have missed it...... i think they dont because it get you closer to economic reality   and  it to soon for that  were still liking our wounds abit  and dont realy know  how were going to   progress. or how much how fast etc.....     were   patching the wholes   in the boat   and it should stay floating       the sails being sown up    but not  up the mast yet    and people are fed up too  so they will latch on to   any good  story         they got to...    i call that economic sputtering     cranking the motor   shes firing  but not starting yet....        sometimes it starts right away sometimes not               and because  gold isnt based on the dollar as much as many thing...       the strengthening dollar  can ony has so much efect      as because of it real  over valuation  it   has to  bow  to the demand like i said in the imerging markets.  and that will  continue to drive gold    for a long time    and when   our economys  are  creating inflation     we will start  geting into gold as protection from inflation      that will  be like  puting a rocket on an already fas jet...  and  production  is predicted to not meet demand this year  as well....    --- have you noticed not to many using the words gold bug    i just hope nobody ever says that to my face  i dont want to go to jail       and i thank mr bell from bnn as he  has  repecfully   refrained  from   juch juvinile   and  almost illegal temanolagy                      and not many of these bone heades  trying to make us believe  gold is an alution    ....   ....    nobody want to make a fool of them selfs is why...........    the die is cast..   gold  will be in its present level of importance  and more in future      and   for  a long long time    yeas long long   real long   at least the millinia     ok  thats it  ...   im  finished...if i go one  it just wouldnt be in good tast ...     enough is enough looking forward to read othere posts     im sick of myself  now    iv had enough of me  here        ill go somewhere else now ..      remember   best to just  get your mind of as much as you can  lust look in    for a minute here and there.   not much that can be said anyway at this time  that will sure im wrong  there    lolol