theres another one      i guesss yous all seen it on a sh e mail...n if not  have a look   ---another one bits the dust        everywhere in the world aslmost    aspecialy with gold mines     once you put in too much money to  have any leverage  they pounce on you       =============      ct      even in   canada  its coming to that    that why i took a 20,000 dollar lose to get otu of the ring of fire  and other stocks across cananda   to sleep at night  and i dont  care what the natives do. ----  mind you i think they should  have thae indian act redone  its rediculaus  --   im not  talking about  money --   the goverment  still ruels there lifes too much    --   fair is fair  -- and its the right thing to do ----     anyway            every time  another gold company  has a new gov  or  the same one showing there true intentions   it just makes ct look so much beter.