yeas  i agree    you cant  totaly count  on forbs  but   you can expect  something . as    there is a lot of things they can help with  ,,  directly and non directly   and also  and not nesesarly because  of ..  stan i think its still the biggest sharholder in ct at about 25 million shares    last i looked -----and   non of the big  big  sharholders are bailing  as well.. and that should be good for something......some banks are just geting out of  junior gold  but i look for that to change this year  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i left mesages at the office .....     i dont want to phone bills direct line  unless i have too....  i want him to just concentrate on his job ==  making us all rich !  or at least  make  something -----..ill leave it there   and i should get enough  info  from  his e mail  and  the investor relations  guy.....     ill give it a week...all im sure will be well.   and im not just saying that