who said theres no money????   nobody .......   ..    dr bill   will  find a way to get money if he needs it   and will  likly  need some for another drill program  but  i dont think we are  broke ....   we have seen bill  pull a rabbit out of a hat  a few times resently  ---- i would say   possible time for  consolidation  or  the sale  of  the brazilian  property  or the yukon property   ( i hope  we keep that one )   or some creative financing   or ryan  coming in more    ,,,   who knows  but  its not time to panic  thats for sure ...    and everybodys  got downward presure from the markets   and   i think  this year you should see that lifted .... patience  is the key word    more than ever ....      also  dont be suprised if they go after the tailings   as i have said before --  to me that should be the next step.. or do it this year some time anyway..   as we all know  what  that will do    if viable  and  i realy cant see it not being viable  ... i think  bill is holding it in his back pocket   as  i think they may want to do one more round of drilling   before  they get to the tailings ...id say its 50/50    another round of drilling or go after the tailings    my opinion \anyway