yeas  thanks-- i wont paint  the sections on the vertical   lololol  actualy    im making a special jig to put the 33 ft long  buy 8 by 8   ,  so we can rotate them     they will  safly  in the jig    ..  thank for your concern !!  and yeas  this new person is more than welcome of coarse .. i dont oun this  place  !  i have to apalagize a bit   not totaly but i just woke up and hadnt had my tea  etc...   got to make a note    to remeber that in future .lol.... and  i think you have summed it up  about right   antizzie---     they  do need more over 1 gm  but im confident  they will mine this   at some point...    and yeas  thats what i meant  they will exstract the .04  when they dig up the higher grade..      some   will  be in the same rock and some  not -   for the part that is  it just means  it will be just a mater of more prossing  . etc .....        i WILL  have     the ability  to buy a few more  million shares  in march   absaluty no problem  and i will ..... ill even anouce it after the fact  and  someone can trace it maybee    that would be fun.!