Good for you, Jade, to back up here and cut this " new " guy some slack. So that's his view and until we know better, we have to accept new people and their views. Afterall, I was a new guy here one time in the past. I welcome his view as it has a sobering effect and prevents us from getting to carried away on the bulish side.

I wouldn't say the results are great nor too bad. They seem to me to be in line with what they have been finding. For sure this will never be a mine until they find enough to pay the costs and have a nice profit. I do not think this will ever become a producing mine unless enough gold bearing rock is found above 1%, at least. Anything in the .04 area will stay where it is unless huge amounts are outlined. They will run out of development money first. Don't misunderstand what I'm saying. The .04 will be mined with better grades, but you must have enough of the better ore first.

This is why what was reported is a bit disappointing. Higher grades would have gone a long way to exciting more investors. Afterall, hope is what drives these ventures and brings in investors. What was encouraging is they found more of what they have been finding, and we needed that too. It brings us closer to the total we need to begin mining. For sure it has not been good enough to get the price of the shares up. One of these times, if they can keep finding more like they have been doing, the share price will rise.

In the meantime, get that crane painted and get in on these bargain priced shares. Oh, a little advice. Paint the crane on the horizontal and not the vertical. I would want to read about a painter falling from a crane.