dont worry the market cap is going to go way up    soon enough      -------         we will get to a point when the market   comes to us   and  we cannot be denied  and we will get there  some time  before next summer     probably sooner.---------     some stocks  have to prove   themselfs more than others  and  we are one of thoughs  stocks   ---        the good part is  it gives  you lots more time to buy at supper undervalued prices   so realy  thats all you can do  .   im hoping it goes to 1 cent   as   i know it will   be a suscess   and will be a mine    so   go a  low as it can   as it  will all turn around soon enough   and youl with you bough  at these fire sale prices.....   im just   waiting    for  more cash           and   waiting   for more tax selling etc     it might go lower    and im hioping to cordinate    that with  my procurment of more  cash !!!!!!!       alls well