i dont  know  havent  talked  for a   while  but  im sure it will be out  today on   a news relese-----  it does  sound like it  .               why not  take  some  cash  and move on ---  it  will only be a distraction   and   we  want to concentrate  on hope  brook .......  maybee  this   will make it  so he  can  do more work  on the tailings  ........        managment  is  concidering  or    thinking  of  puting  a pilot mine  there  !!   it  was   in  my  last  conversation ------   personaly   thats  what i would  do      ------ pay off  ryan  maybee  next year ------     dont  want to share if we dont  have to... nothing  personal  to  ryan  just busness is busness----  as t  if  we go with them all the way     they are  probably  one of the  best  co  to  finish  the last  half  of  hope brook off with !!!!   you watch  10 million ounces  in time   minimum   see if im not  right