also because of relative   so so  realy (it could be worse )     selling to each other  shows  they  also think the  next  drilling assays  will more than   likly  be  good  are they would   wait   more  till the next  assays    -------    then    thinking  they may not be  so good   ( and its possible of coarse   as they are   the first   set of drillings    to go after  the   fresh   product )     wait  to  buy up all the   stampeeding   follish  retail    if    the assays are to complicated  for  average people  who dont have a geoligist    in there   spare bedroom  lolol       or  they are just average      not good enough  for retail  anyway            --------- i can tell you i will be one  of thoughs buyers   for sure !!!!!         (   it could take   another 20 thousand  miters  to prove it up enough )    BUT!!! i am pritty confident   they will   make  good   with  these next  6000 miters --------- in sure  they are playing both sides  of the fence  here   its there jobs  -- just a  mater of coarse   -----               this  busness could make you  a bit peranoid ?????  lolololol   no    dont worry     next  set  should be  very   interesting  and  much more likly to be  good  than not