and in my opinion   most of this is   investment  houses and  banks  selling to each other    i stand firm on that     so its just another smoke screen  for   nebies  and  the  week handed   retail ---------    its a  game  called  clean up as much   week retail stock as you can    as  soon it will be to late !!!!   and  that is  thats all------ period  ----  game over  etc   nothing else going on here     nothing !         at  the  end  of the  day             when  they see  they arnt acumulating   much  if any thing  they usuakly     back off    then     there is a silience        it seems like       sudenly   eveybodys  gone        gost  stock   then     a graduale  normality returns  and  puchaces  and sales make some sence    -------but   you always have to   carfull they could  and will   swope  back  any time they feel  weekness    ooohhhh scaryness coming   sell sell        yous   absalulty nuts  if you do but  see     what the  volume is !!!!ooohhhh sell sell  --------    untill the   investing laws  change  this  is part of the busness    in my opinion  of coarse