all the comodity people said  buy gold  ...  daa no kidding.......---  ill explain a fact fro some who dont know this about paper money.. once its endered the real rorls   it gonn for ever ..  it s not like a stock co.  that can buy back shares....    its completly impossible...    even when  the  ones that are printed to stimulate  once the  bet   dirty etc   they have to be replaced with a fresh on...  every single dollare   now    think about it          we can  temporariily   be queen of denile   lolol   evn for  the mid tern    but thats wgeb   we will have to  admit  its there.   iits like pulling teeth i know...   and our  free market economy is actualy   pritty good at  sooner or later making sure   the turkey comes home to rust...   actualy it must  and it will..  just buy funtioning normal....      ho ho ho            what this  happens   you beter have lots of gold....  china  knows its coming and they know they bought o much us  gov  debt    but t i kat to tell you they arnt  so smart al all...    they knew they had to ------------------------- the us  and the west would have  put  tarifs falore   and made them   let there curance  float like other curranys    to....    so  they didnt want that  and  decidee the beter of two evils was to pluge there noses and keep buying us debt.  in which they are doing there best to relieve them selfs of now..  and  now you know the real reason  china want  realy presured to let there money  act normal ....       and   they will be buying lots of gold for at least ten to twent years... for sure...     gold fundimental  cant change for a long time   and it will never go back to 400 dollar  not even close     and at this point tim the resent  sell of    its  definatly found resistance  but its not going up  to quik   that can only mean  that the automatis sells  that put it there   are over   and   traders   are  saing  hey   why  buy to quik     they know  it has real contagen  from the sell off and it has momentum  that can be aquezzed out  so what no  se if  they can play around now   and make some  gas money...               a lot of it aso is the us gov again   what a disfuctional funtional  place....    you know  if they dont smartedn up and quik    all this onlt give china  and others to  formaly  take aw ay  there  status as the bench mark for money...  they want to do it ....  not till they got ride of more us debt though lololol  what a vitiopus circle  lolol   but  have no doubt t he us dolars  days ar numbers  because they arent ever going to change much    not in the mide term    see how our volume dried up...    its because we are to solid  period...  and most realize now  we got a wimmer.