well  yous all got a right to be frutrated!!....        im not sure i want to explain  anything  as i am hoping for 5c  and im going to buy like hec ......im going to be selfish  this time   so i am temporaily supending my opinionstill my boots are full.   i wasnt going to say anything as no mater  what i say could backfire on me ----------------- at least   this post will  suprise  yous  anyway and make yous think   hhhmmm  what he up to   maybee....lol   but im not trying   to mislead    i just  couldnt do that  so im just  telling the truth     i think i have a chance to buy at 5c  but i do hope im wrong...    but if the market is just going to give it to me anyway  im taking it ......if  yous want  my opinions  you can pm me  and i may  answer , no garantee...i could be nasty and  say ive been in the nut house all along   and just escapped or  relesed...   and  i was wrong  all  long    lololol  but  i wount do that ------ok   i got to say   everything is going along  fine no suprises  and   as i thought it would    and  someone will clean up  soon on the gold price  its  just another    bunck of pre set sells  trigering in ......    there  was a big ---- hedge fund  that started it   -----  i think just because gemany had some  positive  economic  news  ------    and oil   may not  have the power to  synthisize inflation  like it has  been dong ...             but   if  oil stays  reasonable    there will   be  broad  based inflation    natural  you  might call it     but  its much harder to fix it