i dont blame you for reacting to me like  that   ...  if anyone can tell me some reason to be negative about ct  please  tell me........  dont kid yourself  i get sick of listening to myself...  lolol    can  anyone   explain to me  in an inteligent way   why i shouldnt  like ct so much.....   not  the usual suspects    (  inherent  market wide prevasive rrisks )    but something   indemicly  negative  or intermitently   bad    in particular to ct     can any one  in a  inteligent  proper debatimg fation   point out   any wrong  moves  buy managment   since   greece   came out of the closet  and set  everthing  back-----------....   i  knew  they posibly had  a tax ithos  that didnt belong in the euro ...            my best greek friend told me  years ago  when we bouth ouned the to top pubs in town  ( i made it on outdoor life chanel though   lolol )    anyway he  said  one night  you know  norm  nobody pays tax in greese    the only money  they get is from  charging  air lines to land  in athens.... i swear  ......      at  the time  i  didnt  have time  to realy  think about t hat as   they would have to charge  so much    if thats true..lolol...  but        anyway  he made a point....         and    the poor greeks    could   have  just  left  the euro ..........but  no      they said    europeans   have  the iteligence of monkeys  as  the projection of a real  possiblity of  contagent     could  happen............    that is more sufisticated than monkey see monkey do  but   there is  a lot of that in it..        so   one of  the most tecnologicaly  advanced   most civilised    educated    continents    was  suddenly going to  act like  monkeys   lolol.............   hey nothing against monkeys      or apes !                  so  greese just gave  nay sayers  a way to operate  beter...     suddenly    that word  contagent    was  all over...domino efect all over  europe  and then of coarse    then how it was going to sink the world       even the chinese were considering  bailing them out               i think they realized   in time    they couldnt  as   they couldnt continue  to operate as usual       and  they would  exposing  themself    clearly   as only acting in self interest...  and they arnt ready to tell us the truth yet  and tell us what we already know lolol.....      so they  backed off...       ................   anyway  i stared out  to  coment on  me  bla bla -----         i have to respect  that   cinnogen  is  a good poster    and he wasnt crass.   ----------------- but i dont know  where this  guy come out of know where  to give  managment a pep talk...came from  ...      and   i know  this  can be frustrating   ..      but i actualy found your comments entertaining  we dont get many  posts like that ...just  start drilling   lolol i love it...   realy i dont know  what to say