best way i can discrib the  gold  market  its like   most people  much prefer to stick their head in the sand like an austridge   and   even better    they act like monks  in      the himalyan reagions   when they walk from monestery to monestary   they have to close there eyes  the whole time  they are outside the monestary so they dont get soiled by the outside world  in there minds ......   they have to get  a non munk   regular person  to lead them     they all hold hands    and  the regular person is the only one with  his eyes open   and leads them to  the  monestary  they want to go to .......  well say no more i guess...lolol     gold  almost  has to    stay valuble    there is no  other  thing to use    thats  been with us  since  time in momorial  as a common currancy  that everyone  accepts              there is nothing like  gold --- we are fasinated    by it  and it has  industrial and artistic  aplications  and  will  only  have more of that in future   we love the feeling  that gold  gives up when we wear it  etc etc .....   bark eaters  exsempted lolol