i was saying   resently it probably will be  happening now  as    the options were running out   and  its just the perfect time  actualy-------  beter not to have waitied any more  as the market has been relentless in  presuring  ct to do it(  our last drill program was a sucsess  but  it didnt matter   as the consolidaion was still hovering  )  ------it was good they waited till they had to   so as to get what they got  done ,done....  ----and  what i realy like too it  takes presurse off  ct to jv with  ryan  to much  and in desperstion  now  we are more back in the drivers  seat !!!!         the market  is putting its last bit of presure on the sp   and it will till    i think just before  it happens   ....   because  i think   people will realize   this is the  perfect tonic ct needs   right now  ..... im   very happy about it ..      timing and all     and dont worry about gold  AT ALL !    we are just experiancing      the blind leading  the blind  with  these currancy    problems  ---this short term lowering of gold  will and  can not last    we are just way to far  in debt    period     and  we canonly  do so much   austerity  etc etc etc ........   mosy people  dont  want to  or  chose to ignore economic realitys    aspecialy in the currancy  valuation  area....    thats why i say itas the bilnd leading the blind ----and      there comes a point  when  reality kiks in     thats all!