the biggest thing  right now is for investors and mangment   to  be patiantmanagment   a vigilant paitiance  but investors   forget about it as much as possible  for  thing yous should know buy now  is that bill and his team  will do  the best possible moves------------ i think  a bit more dilution   isnt going to make much difference .at this point   but remeber i said before  time is on our side now   ---    all leading indicators ARE    showing  the inevitability return of   our traditional  levels of investment ..   being  a recomended 5 percent  .............   money  has to pay its way  it has rent to pay  just like you ....its another commoditie   its unique in being  the  tool  we use   now  instead of barter.....   and actualy  we can thank money  a lot   as without using a monitary system  society couldnt have advanced....      the thing about it though is im not interested in thanking money for anything unless i have enough lolol                       there i go again on a tangent                i think managment  has a lot more angles than we can imagin ------and  they cant  tell us them  unless it in a public news relese as it should be .............                sore some time now  ive  been carfull what i say  as i was acused of being an insider a while back... and i am not  of coarse...    i think im pritty good at this game  --TOUCH WOOD!!!  so some of my posts  were thought to be  a little  suspitious        and  im now worried      but i dont need to defend myself  just because  i can figure lots out  without  any inside info .............            ill tell yous one thing i did    that amazed  a lot of people   and  never though possible     i wount mention the stock name  it a while back anyway  and would make any diference at alll-- other wise i wouldnt  say anything  now.........   this is ony one thing i did    and that all yous get  ----       eveything  ive ever done  was legal  and  actualy always helpfull  to  honest  stockholder  but ive  been a   big problem  for  lets say people who arnt in the interest of the stock  they post about ........i dont believe in making money at other peoples expence     or    like my brother said  once   he didnt care how he made his money  just as long as he made it...          nothing crazy of coarse  -  white collar  - you know what i mean-----   i feel sorry for  him .------------------ but  im  good   real good      like  i cant help it if i can figure out   things   just buy a persons voice  when i aske a question   and i can figure out things from an answer  that   tecnicaly tells me nothing insidish............  there are people in exploration companys that would rather not talk to me  ..           ive talked to a quite a  few  people in managment  .    --ive  saved  stocks  from demolition from  swing trader       that  lie to put the stock down   so they can trade it   --- they dont  care at all about the hard working peiople who  are in it ... they are just legal thives-- i was a very sucsessfull trader    a while back     i saved other tarder    bums  too..........    i only stopped because   the volumes dried up   about dec 2010..........  but i  just took what the market gave me  never posted lies  anything moraly wrong     i didnt have to anyway       i do believe  to be realy good at anything  your have to be on the good side ...... alfred loyd senison-- i have the stregth of ten men because my hart is pure       sorry but thats just the way it is .........................     anyway       i phoned  mangment  of a stock  years  back... and  they  were famillar with me        and  they liked talking with me as well and said so.   because i wasnt a complaner    etc etc ...  i naturaly seen there side   etc etc ...       so  there one   if oyu ever call in alway be nice  and respectfull....    but  stand up strait ---- so     i cant remember egsacty  but  i was talking over a news relese  that  i just though  wasnt complete     and there was  more they should have relesed      ----it would take to long to tell yous how i figured that and im not giving all my talents away either lolol....   so  i had a good repore with this fellow   a  i should   naturaly..............anyway  i was  asking  some  general quetions       and  i   respecfull gradualy  fully explained  my point   that  it just seemed to me     buy  what i read  of the relese  and i may have used other news  to make my point    not sure  about that but i think so ...  and   and  i also knew  there was more  because of  the  explanation of the geologic facts werent lining up     lets say .  i want to be just a bit evasive       you should have  something to try and fugure out ------     im not  getting paid for this -------------------------   so i let him to   have to look at the relese  that was already beried   in other papers ...------NOBODY KNEW  THEY DIDNT GET IT ALL OUT  ... hey were all human   they just made an honest mistake ........ and lucky for them i gently  and repecfully as i could  ( didnt want this guy to feel like a fool as this is rare  and lotsor investores would  scorned him or laughed   you idiot  etc  )   led him  to the news relese    i remeber  he couldnt find it   at first  and i said   you got to have it  look deeper    he founf it beried  only after a week or so     so i said  look at it  and  see if there isnt anyhting that was left out    as i had aready explain to him  my thoughts      so  he of coarse wanted to get to the bottom if it ..........         and sure enough    there it was . and im very sure it was jsut a mistake     he was flabergased  i could tell he was imbarrased  for the company too..   naturaly          so of coarse  there was an updated news reless right away ...........      the people on the posting board were of coarse very thankfull to me  and i was even   given some  gratifying compliments    lots  said they never seen someone do that before      and were amazed how i caught it.....( i dont believe in false modesty )     aperanty its never happened before     who knows  its liky id say ----------im not trying to brage at all and wasnt even thinking of saying this         but  i though while im here   and mentioned me being acused of having insider knwledge  in the past   and not just here.....  this story  would explain  why it may seen so  at times.....    and  id rather explain anyway  as i know i haven broken any regulations etc......                                                                                                                                             now     yoshi     i was a bit suprised at you aperant   kind of  lost  feelings.......       imnot sure  but  you should  know more     that that post to me   you seem like a smart person and im pritty sure   ive put lots out there  that should explain a lot of what you asked -------------    so   just  for fun  read some of them over    and tell me if  you got enough to satisfy  your wondering  .... i dont mean this  in any way to make fun of you at all -  i respect you    and  also know  that if i just tell you strait out what i think  its to easy and  this way you might get something more that just an explanation .......     and youl remeber it better  and you will be able to see into things deeper too.. and thats what you want ............. man has jade gone on a romp  this time   and i had my glasses this time ...     so think my spelling was ok. lololol