sorry    you arent totaly wrong , i admit  i would have liked  beter results ....      but  at the same time you cant just stop  just because you get some assays  that arent   what you want  ....   they are still  hitting gold  and  they seem to have  the fold  figured out  etc and   at gold prices  and where most think they will be ,,  like i pointed out befor  the .0 4 will  be mined sucsessfully  and  they already have just under half million ounces indicated  just   with that  grade.. so  actualy we are already well over a million indicated... just not offial yet   ....   any way   to be so confident of that  the infrastructure and over all easy acess and easy to mine .       ---     ill try and slip  in there next week and pic up some at 2c -   pritty crouded   there !