it easy  like i said   these  big  investment houses    they  have lunch together they go golfing   they   sell to each other  to make it look like  somebody has doubt it not even worth 4c  it all a game  they play   and they are  real good at it   they can even cloke it  -----   the european union has actualy   cautuioned canada about its lacst   busness trading laws  .................   just let then  trade to each other    that all  you can do   or   try and get some cheep shares        they know  when  the new assays come in jan feb  they will be  out of busness     so they only have till then      then they will shift to another victum      they have multiple vicyum all the time         it realy is true    if you swim with the big white shark  dont  cut  your finger       and this is only my opinion as a retaded  metal case   who drinks  shoe polish  now and then   just to keep my teth clean    i use the white stuff