..no, but I once saw a board walk.

Anonymous hit everything in sight this afternoon after our Chairman held his non-conference call.  This is actually good news in a warped sort of way.  Here is my reasoning:

Anonymous has sold several million shares in the last few days after the latest round of drill results.  If Mr A was acting in concert with TD, then that number was over 2 million today.  That is simply too many for a stock that is unaccustomed to this kind of volume.  So it has to be a single seller IMHO.  Could be either Resource Capital or GMV.  But these sales likely represent a need for capital or an executive decision to eliminate a position rather than a carefully reasoned and cautious disposition.  While we heard nothing of value from Mr Kramer in his conference call, it still seemed to inspire Haywood to step up for a million, as well as several other largish buyers.

So we had a selling climax of sorts.  The bargain  hunters would have propelled the shares to a significant gain had Mr A not seen fit to blow its position out.  I read this a change in market sentiment.  We may well have found a bottom, assuming that Mr A is now exhausted.