I await with considerable trepidation Mr Kramer's conference call version of the prospects at Bruner.  For sure he will put a positive spin on things, but what credibility does he have now that eleven holes have failed to intersect the ore zone presumably feeding the discovery hole?

Correct me if I am wrong, but I am of the opinion that a conference call is not a legitimate avenue for dissemination of material information--there would have to be a wider not a selective release.  So we will get a re-hash of why the geologists now have a better understanding of the geology etc, etc.

On the other hand, Mr Kramer picked up 50,000 shares himself yesterday.  And we all remember the strangeness of Greg Hahn's exercising a million options in Dec at 15c when he could have waited a year to see whether or not we hit paydirt.  So the two top guys see something that we don't.  I wonder what it could be.

In a bull market there would be a share price rise in anticipation of favorable news.  In today's market, who knows.  Marlet timing not being one of my long suits, I suspect that the fact that I intend to sit on my hands for now probably means that the stock will rebound sharply.  We shall see..