We should all bless our lucky stars to have not one, but two fellow posters ready and willing to take the time to save us from ourselves. Hallelujah!

First we have the Professor who is seriously concerned that we may be foolish enough not to take 10c, when clearly CSQ has nowhere to go but down.  Why I think I'll put in a sell at 5c just to be sure to get filled.

And now we have everybody's friend Red who goes a step further to let us in on a little secret so that our financial salvation is at hand.  Too bad the stock which has been totally illiquid for weeks had a surprisingly good day just when we got the inside tip.  Maybe I'd better take the crumbs left from CSQ at 5c and put in a buy at the market.  Red, you don't suppose those shares on the ask just might be coming from your broker, do you?

Sure is a mighty comfort knowing selfless posters are out there keeping us out of trouble.